[#328] When Everything Comes To An End

We bow to you
The frail, the bruised
Who start anew

When everything comes to an end
You play the fool
The painful truth
Is told through you…

When Everything Comes To An End” –  Plan Three  ♫Listen♫

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Gachaholics rejoice, The Epiphany is back again for another round of random madness! I’ve returned from plugging the Gabriel machine and am excited to tell you about it. But first, for those of you who do not know what The Epiphany is, let me give you a brief crash course.

The Epiphany is an event which has some of the best designers on the grid with products in Gacha Machines. For a fixed price you get a random prize out of the ones shown on the machine itself. Most people get frustrated when they amass a pile of extras from a certain machine but that’s the best part of this event. If you are unable to trade or resell these items you can turn them in for points which you can stockpile and purchase prizes from the machines that are specific only to this event and once it is over are gone for good.

Back to the Gabriel machine now and the spoils I’ve earned from it. The machine is broken down into 3 hooded sweatshirts (Black, Gray, and White), 5 Color Denim Pants (Black, Green, Navy, Red, and White), 3 styles of work boots (Black, Brown, and White) and the RARE item is an off shoulder leather jacket which can go on your shirtless shoulder or wearing one of the hoodies in the set, which is a nice touch I have to say.

I also have made another trip to Men Only Monthly and have more goodies from there. Returning again are the Avi-Glam “Ardor Eyes” which this time I’m wearing a sea color appropriately named “Baltic”.

Go&See has returned with their first male skin release which is designed for best use with the Catwa Daniel Bento and [GA.EG] Damon Bento heads. The Jayden skin has 4 tones available (Dark Tan, Pale, Tan, and Goth) and also includes body appliers for SLink Physique, [SIGNATURE] Gianni, and TMP mesh bodies. In the applier HUD, you also get an option for brows or a browless option as well as clean shaven or facial hair.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future posts with more items from The Men’s Dept, Men Only Monthly, and the newly opened SIGNATURE Event that I’m excited to let you know about. It’s back to it for me but until the next, keep it stylish fellas! Here’s the credits!!!

HAIRBASEMODULUS – Jax (Monochromes)
HEAD⊱ CATWA – Daniel (Bento) ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Mainstore
EYES⊱ AG. Ardor Eyes (Baltic) ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
EYEBROWSClef de Peau – v.30 (Black)
FACE⊱  Go&See * Jayden  * Pale ~ ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ M.O.M
FACIAL HAIRClef de Peau – Beard 4 (Black)
BODY[SIGNATURE] Gianni – Body – v3.1

JACKET⊱ :GB: One-Shoulder Jacket RARE ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany
HOODIE⊱ :GB: Hoodie / Gray ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany
PANTS⊱ :GB: Color Denim Pants / Green ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany
BOOTS⊱ :GB: Work Boots / Black ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ The Epiphany

[vMo] Model Poses: My Sign (6) ≠ Not Available
Vestige Poses – Brennan 2 (8) ≠ @ Marketplace

[#193] Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas



From now on,
our troubles will be miles away


FACE/SKIN⊱ -Labyrinth- Catwa Head Applier – Charlie Skin (Pale) // @ Marketplace //NEW
EYES.ID. – Sunset Eyes FATPACK
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

SWEATER⊱ C L A Vv. Ripped Lazy Sweater Black // @ TMD //NEW
PANTS⊱ Mikunch Rib Pants (FatPack) // @ TMD //NEW

BEANIE⊱ RO – The Beanie – Cake // @ TMD //NEW

POSE⊱ Vestige Poses – Larry (4) // COMING SOON
POSE⊱ p.o.s.e. – Yummy // @ Marketplace


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Frank SinatraListen/View

[#178] But I’ve Got A Blank Space…


“Got a long list of ex-lovers
who’ll tell you I’m insane…”



HAIR[BURLEY] Joe (Sampler)
EYESCHEERNO – Eye – Realistic v1 //NEW
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
SKIN⊱ Clef de Peau – Declan T2 // @ TMD //NEW
BEARD⊱ No.MINAL – Beard Black // @ TMD //NEW
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

SUIT⊱ [monso] My Autumn Suit – Grey Check // @ TMD //NEW

POSEVestige Poses – I Survived (5)



HAIR⊱ Tableau Vivant \\ Countess hair – Ombre // @ Kustom9 //NEW
MAKEUP⊱ Essences Catwa Appliers [NurainM02] // @ Kustom9 //NEW
BODYMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.4

DRESS⊱ TETRA – Lily Lace Dress (Arctic) // @ Kustom9 //NEW
SHOESN-core GACHA “Eden Bicolor” N.3

POSELalochezia – Blank Space (1m)


Blank Space” – Our Last Night (Taylor Swift Cover)Listen/View

[#177] The Times They Are A-Changin’



“If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin
Or you’ll sink like a stone…”

I’ve had the honor and the privilege to work with and display some of the great poses from Vestige Poses. In two days from now the in-world store will be closing its doors and moving directly to being a Marketplace only brand. The store itself has slashed prices down considerably so if you are in the market for some quality Male, Female, Couples and or poses with Props then you should help give Vestige a great sendoff and pick up a few items at a reduced price before they are only made available on the Marketplace for full price.

Also I recently caught wind that Samurai HQ had released a Mesh head, which has been named Cyrus. I made my way over there and picked it up and am pleasantly surprised with the detail and the price was reasonable as well compared to some of the other heads out there. I like that it has the ability to blink but that is the only motion that it has and cannot be made to stay with eye movement HUDS. It makes for a slightly difficult picture taking experience but it doesn’t completely hinder it. Maybe that is something that will be worked on in future iterations.

TMD is currently going strong and I present you an offering from one of the designers I enjoy wearing, GizzA. They’ve released the William Blazer and Tweed Pants which come in a variety of colors and for your spending dollar, you can get two options per pack. I chose to go with the Cream Blazer from the Cream/Black pack and the Stone Tweed Pants from the Black/Stone pack. They are highly fashionable and look great if you are going to be attending an event outside or just getting getting together with your significant other for a well dressed night on the town.

I certainly hope you all take advantage of both the Pose Sale, the GizzA Blazer/Pants and the Mesh Head because they are definitely worth adding to your array of great inventory items but you don’t have to take my word for it!


HEAD ..::SAMURAI HQ::..  Cyrus Mesh Head – Default Tone //NEW
EYESCHEERNO Eye – Realistic v1 //NEW
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

BLAZER/SHIRT/SCARF⊱ GizzA – William Blazer with Scarf [Cream] // @ TMD  //NEW
PANTS⊱ GizzA – William Tweed Pants [Stone] // @ TMD  //NEW
SHOES⊱  ..::ILLI::.. SLink Vincent with HUD

POSEVestige Poses – Homme Finale II (6)


The Times They Are A-Changin’” – Bob DylanListen/View

[#171] And We’ll Never Be Royals


“My friends and I–have cracked the code
we count our dollars on the train to the party”


BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
SKIN⊱ Clef de Peau – Harry T2 // @ Sad November //NEW
EARSCHEERNO – Human – EarsBase //NEW
EYES#Adored – Miasma Eyes – Bluejeans
EYEBROWS⊱ Clef de Peau – Eyebrows 17 Black // @ Sad November //NEW
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

JERSEY⊱ {TPS} KC Royals WS Jersey // Custom Made
JEANS⊱ not so bad – AARON Jeans Faded // @ TMD //NEW
SHOESFLite. -OG 4s-Cement-

HAT⊱ {TPS} KC Royals Fitted Cap // Custom Made

POSEVestige M Nov’15 – 4 // Group Gift


Royals” – LordeListen/View

[#159] Turn The Pain Into Power


“When you’ve been fighting for it all your life
You’ve been struggling to make things right”


{BODY} SLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
{SKIN} Clef de Peau: Marco Base T2:Standard Skin // @ TMD //NEW
{EYES} IKON Triumph Eyes – Sky
{EYEBROWS} Clef de Peau:Eyebrows 13 Brown // @ TMD //NEW
{EARS} AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, Naked
{FEET} SLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1
{BEARD} [Deadwool] Full Beard – Brown

{JACKET} [ ExcellencE ] Jacket_Varan_Black
{SHIRT} [ ExcellencE ] T-Shirt_Varan_Hero_3
{PANTS} FLite.- Athletic Joggers-Gray Bats // @ UBER //NEW
{SOCKS} [gt] Unisex Sport Socks {SLink Applier/Yellow} // Former FLF Item
{SHOES} ohayo + xin. XO Balances + WU // @ TMD //NEW

{BEANIE} Black Cotton Hip Hop Toque Batman Plum // STORE CLOSED

{POSE} Vestige Poses – My Model Life II (7)


Superheroes” – The Script {Listen/View}

[#153] I Feel Like A Monster


“No one can hear me scream
maybe it’s just a dream
or maybe it’s inside of me


BODY: SLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2 +NEW+
SKIN: Clef de Peau – James Base T4 (SLink Appliers) {@M.O.M} +NEW+
HANDS: SLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEET: SLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1
TATTOO: Reckless – Sinister

HEAD BANDAGES: [ht+] head bandages {@Genre} +NEW+
PANTS: [AB] Plumber Jeans Blue {@M.O.M} +NEW+

MIRROR: ÑAM – Lipstick and Hand Mirror {@Marketplace}

POSE: Vestige Poses – Male Selfie (5)


Monster” – Skillet {Listen/View}