[#231] Unsealed On A Porch A Letter Sat

Once I saw him
on a beach of weathered sand
and on the sand
I wanna leave it again

SectionHeaders_TLv2HAIR⊱ { Speakeasy } Kellen Hair BROWNS ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
HEADCATWA HEAD – Jackson v4.6 (Updated)
EYES⊱ .ID. Bright Eyes FATPACK ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
FACE⊱ Clef de Peau – Luke T2 ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Skin Fair 2016
BEARD⊱ Clef de Peau:Stubble v.1 Black ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ Skin Fair 2016
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.3

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JEANS⊱ SEUL GARCON – Knee Rip Jeans – Classic ≠ ☆NEW☆ @ TMD
SHOESFlite.-Oakley Hightops – Fatpack

POSEXXY – My Way (1)

SectionHeaders_TIv2Yellow Ledbetter” – Pearl Jam     ♬Listen

[#220] I’m Not An Addict

I’m in heaven, I’m a god
I’m everywhere, I feel so hot

It’s not a habit, it’s cool I feel alive
If you don’t have it you’re on the other side

SectionHeaders_TLv2HAIR⊱ Unorthodox Bait Hair //NEW◇ @ Monsieur Chic
EYES.ID. Attraction Eyes – FATPACK
FACE⊱ Clef de Peau – Andre T2 //NEW◇ @ TMD
BEARD⊱ Unorthodox Habib Facial Hair //NEW◇ @ Monsieur Chic
BODYAbsolut-Creation – Adam Mesh Body -v1.1
TATTOO⊱ { Speakeasy } Voss Tattoo //NEW◇ @ TMD

JEANS⊱ [sYs] KULT Jeans – Raw //NEW◇ @ GEN-Neutral

KNIFE/BRICK⊱ ![ NikotiN ] Cocaine Bag & Knife //NEW◇ @ Thrift Shop

POSEPoseology – Winding Down

SectionHeaders_TIv2Not An Addict” – 12 Stones / K’s Choice CoverCover / Original

[#202] This Body Is Yours And Mine


You can tell me what you see
I will choose what I believe


HAIR{ Speakeasy } Milo Hair BROWNS
HEAD⊱ [AK] Pablo Mesh Head // @ M.O.M //NEW
EYES.ID. – Sunset Eyes FATPACK
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Closed/Curl
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

SWEATPANTS⊱ 7mad;Ravens City Sweats // @ M.O.M //NEW

POSE⊱ [DB]Poses – Weight Handle // @ Marketplace


Mess Is Mine” – Vance JoyListen/View

[#201] My Soul Slides Away…


But don’t look back in anger, don’t look back in anger…
I heard you say
At least not today.

Happy New Year to all the readers of “These Conversations Kill”, I hope that everyone has enjoyed the turning over into a new calendar. I’ve taken a few days to refresh and as you can probably see…I’ve spruced the look of the place up a bit. With my first post of the new year, I am going to jump right into it with a new jacket from Modulus which is at the Tres Chic event until the 5th. I know that isn’t much time to go out and grab it but, get to it because you don’t want to miss this. It comes in 3 styles, in which I’m wearing the Mid version. I’ve paired it up with 7mad;Raven’s Dean Jeans, I love these jeans so much that when they were originally released I bought the entire pack and found it hard to resist to go back to them again. Rounding out the wardrobe are the “Silent Boots” from Breath. I really like the products from there and these boots are no exception.

Also I’ve got the “Nick” hair from Speakeasy which you can get at Men Only Monthly which is still going on strong with about a week left to go to pick up all the good merch that they have from the December round.


HAIR⊱ { Speakeasy } Nick hair GREYSCALE // @ M.O.M //NEW
HEAD⊱ [AK] Pablo Mesh Head // @ M.O.M //NEW
EYES.ID. – Sunset Eyes FATPACK
BODYSLink – Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
HANDSSLink AvEnhance Hands Male v2.2 – Relaxed
FEETSLink AvEnhance Male Feet v2.1

JACKET/SHIRT⊱ Modulus – Tamaki Jacket – Mid // @ Tres Chic // ◇NEW
JEANS7mad;Ravens – Dean Worn Jeans
BOOTS:::Breath::: Silent Boots (Sole Black)

POSEBounce This Poses – Male Walk (4m)

Don’t Look Back In Anger” – OasisListen/View